Proof of Concept for making your own Netflix and Hulu DNS proxy outside US

House of Cards started some time ago so I needed a VPN or even better a DNS proxy (which would proxy only streaming services, not whole traffic). I’ve chosen Unblock-Us (referred by LANcaster – thx!) and started free week trial. That week had passed pretty fast so tinker inside of me started to google around how to setup something similar on my own.
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cfp abstract review request: Lessons learned from scaling software

Polski Polski

I’m preparing my call for paper abstract for upcoming conferences. You can find current version below, feel free to make any suggestions. If you prefer more efficient way of making comments you can use this gDoc.

Scaling software is hard. One can argue that scaling software development teams is as hard as creating scalable solutions. Judging by my experience in many cases it’s not less crucial though as it contributes to achievement of success as well.
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