Photos from Flickr on your craiglist/ebay listing

When I wan to sell some pre-owned stuff on ebay/craiglist/allegro/whatever I want it to have pictures of what I sell. I host my pictures on flickr and usually copied urls of them one-by-one to have thumbnail url and full size url in simple  html. I did 27 pictures of my MacBook and there’s no way that I’m gonna spend ~15 minutes coping those links instead code it in 2h, right? #overengineeredSolutions


Source code available at GitHub.

If you want to give me five and/or listen to my presentation in February (2016)

This would be (probably) my last presentation of “Lessons learned from scaling software” . I’m satisfied with last one I did on Devoxx, aside from low energy level (as caffeine kicked in way too late). This delivery will be on CareerCon IT carrier fairs and will be held in Polish. You can also join presentation by other geeks from our Company: Maciej just after me and Rafał during last conference slot.
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Proof of Concept for scheduling a medical appointment automatically

When it comes to scheduling medical appointments one frustration comes up more often than orders: queues. If you happen to have electronic registration it makes it less painful but still doesn’t solve the problem. With our Kiddo we’d to visit all kinds of specialists and this frustration turned out too apparent for me to ignore and I’d to let my geekiness into to the wild. Continue reading

If you want to give me five and/or listen to my presentation in June (2015)

Polski Polski

I’ve sent out an abstract for my new presentation “Lessons learned from scaling software” and now I have to build and deliver the presentation to incorporate feedback from my previous attempts. You can join me on that journey in June on:
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