If you want to give me five and/or listen to my presentation in February (2016)

This would be (probably) my last presentation of “Lessons learned from scaling software” . I’m satisfied with last one I did on Devoxx, aside from low energy level (as caffeine kicked in way too late). This delivery will be on CareerCon IT carrier fairs and will be held in Polish. You can also join presentation by other geeks from our Company: Maciej just after me and Rafał during last conference slot.

I would very appreciate feedback after delivery – I’ll be capturing some video footage during colleagues’ presentations but maybe this time I would have time to try happiness door method . (-;

Computer Science and MBA graduate, responsible for managing IT teams for the last 4 years. Has experience working for different-size companies ranging from small start-ups to corporation that deal with different IT businesses (firmware, device drivers, mobile, eCommerce, social media, big data, financial markets). Currently a senior dev-ops working for one of banks providing enterprise applications enabling trading on financial markets. Involved in organising Tricity Java User Group and Polish edition of Washington Business Week. Interested in behavioural economics and psychology.

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