Photos from Flickr on your craiglist/ebay listing

When I wan to sell some pre-owned stuff on ebay/craiglist/allegro/whatever I want it to have pictures of what I sell. I host my pictures on flickr and usually copied urls of them one-by-one to have thumbnail url and full size url in simple  html. I did 27 pictures of my MacBook and there’s no way that I’m gonna spend ~15 minutes coping those links instead code it in 2h, right? #overengineeredSolutions


Source code available at GitHub.

Computer Science and MBA graduate, responsible for managing IT teams for 8 years. Has experience working for different-size companies ranging from small startups to corporation that deal with different IT businesses (firmware, device drivers, mobile, eCommerce, social media, big data, financial markets, news agency). Currently a team leader working for a company that provides vehicle data. Involved in organizing Tricity Java User Group and was involved in Polish edition of Washington Business Week. Interested in behavioral economics and psychology.

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