Proof of Concept for making your own Netflix and Hulu DNS proxy outside US

House of Cards started some time ago so I needed a VPN or even better a DNS proxy (which would proxy only streaming services, not whole traffic). I’ve chosen Unblock-Us (referred by LANcaster – thx!) and started free week trial. That week had passed pretty fast so tinker inside of me started to google around how to setup something similar on my own.
After a while I’ve stumbled uppon awesome docker image by skorokithakis, which contains configured bind + ha-proxy to do just what I needed. Only missing piece for me was to automate deployment of such docker image.

Some time ago I’ve created Vagrant + Chef combo for hosting Foodr RoR backend and this stack was no-brainer for me. I’ve also chosen AWS as cloud provider since it has free tier service for a single micro instance lasting a year. I would add support for Digital Ocean soon (furthest when my AWS free tier expires ;-P). So this (very initial) version enables you to setup skorokithakis docker image and run it on AWS out of the box. If you want to use it or even better – improve it, you can find it on my github.

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