This season or never. Plus Apple Watch giveaway. With a twist (or not).

This night I was doing one of my side-projects and didn’t even bother to sleep. When everybody in a flat falls asleep and there’s nothing more left than silence and my thoughts I like to mull things over.  This time wasn’t different.

Some time ago I revealed a challenge bugging me for quite some time. I usually act instinctively and think about consequences later on, what is not something I’m proud of (I’m doing baby-steps progress towards changing it). Anyway, I already poses Pebble Steel, which I’m very fond of, but this night I decided to give Apple Watch a chance mainly because we need to eat-own-dog-food in Pace Maker.

This night I realised that 5 years of excuses of being lazy is just too much. I’ll either train properly this season or never. Making incentive out of trip to Berlin as a final stop to attack my PB at the end of season (on legendary track as well). But that’s too long term, which research proves, isn’t effective.

I’ve thought about something more present: if at the end of the each month from now till Berlin Marathon (May – September) I wouldn’t have on average two trainings per week (eight per month) registered in my Endomondo account Garmin account (since I’m using Garmin 920xt I was logging all trainings by it and enabled sync with endomonto later on) I’ll give away to my random Twitter follower Apple Watch that I’ve just bought (42mm Space Gray Sport with black strap) – shipping to Poland included, outlander would need cover only for shipping from here to he or she. I’ll publish summary of previous month at latest week after each month ends (in case I wouldn’t have time to upload trainings on the spot).

Will I make it?

Btw. I don’t care if you call it a click bait. If one knows my affection to Apple products and its philosophy it would be clear that’s best motivator I could choose. [-;

Computer Science and MBA graduate, responsible for managing IT teams for the last 4 years. Has experience working for different-size companies ranging from small start-ups to corporation that deal with different IT businesses (firmware, device drivers, mobile, eCommerce, social media, big data, financial markets). Currently a senior dev-ops working for one of banks providing enterprise applications enabling trading on financial markets. Involved in organising Tricity Java User Group and Polish edition of Washington Business Week. Interested in behavioural economics and psychology.

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