This time would be different. Wouldn’t it?

It’s always the same story all over again. I fool myself that this season would be different. This season I’ll finally train as planned. I’ll finally start to work towards double push. I’ll correct my pose. I’ll start to run in winter to build a base.

Except it never happened. I’ve bought my first semi-rigid speed skate in 2009. I was training regularly as I wanted to play with a new toy and I had a lot of free time as I was studying then. I’ve established my Personal Best in that season, which also happened to be my first inline skating marathon. I’ve was proud of mine 01:35:12,15. Didn’t know that it would became a curse. Since then I’ve tried to beat it every single year. But I only became more and more frustrated because I hopped that I might get close enough to my PB. Even though I knew that I wasn’t training hard enough to achieve it (having multiple excuses for being lazy and not disciplined).

So it’s April and I’ve just did my first workout in this season. This season would be different. If not, there’s next year right?

Computer Science and MBA graduate, responsible for managing IT teams for 8 years. Has experience working for different-size companies ranging from small startups to corporation that deal with different IT businesses (firmware, device drivers, mobile, eCommerce, social media, big data, financial markets, news agency). Currently a team leader working for a company that provides vehicle data. Involved in organizing Tricity Java User Group and was involved in Polish edition of Washington Business Week. Interested in behavioral economics and psychology.

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